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The Dinner Club - creating friendships since 1986


Everything we do is for our Dinner Club members who have been making new friends and enjoying great dining at superb venues since we first began our journey back in 1986. If you enjoy good food, sparkling conversation and making new friends you owe it to yourself to find out more. There really is no end to the circle of friends that you can make.


The Dinner Club is purposefully and distinctly quite different from the many dating and introduction agencies available. We are the original up-market dining club for the more discerning unattached person age 40 plus. It isn't about meeting that special one - it is about meeting literally dozens of interesting new friends, male and female. If one of the new friends is the 'special one' that's great but it isn't our objective.


If you have a busy life and a demanding job you will know only too well how hard it can be to find time to socialise. You can relax knowing that The Dinner Club will solve this challenge by ensuring you meet lots of sociable, like-minded people in enjoyable surroundings. You can look forward to everything from cosy pub dinners and popular bistros to fine dining restaurants, dinner dances and our well-renowned black tie balls, not to forget our theatre nights, dinner parties and exclusive singles holidays - all of which are guaranteed to provide you with the means of meeting new people and making new friends.


At all of our events you will be greeted by your Dinner Club host who will make sure you feel extremely welcome as soon as you arrive. Your host will make introductions over a drink at the bar before showing you to your table and will be on hand throughout the evening to ensure that you are well looked after.


During the course of the evening your Dinner Club host will encourage you and your fellow diners to 'Go Australian', i.e. move around so everybody has the opportunity to meet a wider group of people (we actually ask the gentlemen to change seats!). 'Going Australian' is so called as it was first introduced back in the early days of The Dinner Club when it was established in Australia and it has proved to be an extremely popular and fun way for everybody to get to know lots of new people.


The Dinner Club was established in Australia in 1986 and arrived in the UK a year later and our success and longevity speaks for itself. If you want to meet lots of friendly and interesting new people whilst enjoying great food at superb venues then The Dinner Club is definitely for you. Why not contact us today to find out more - there really is no end to the circle of new friends that you can make.



The Dinner Club is looking to expand nationwide again and we are therefore looking for hosts or people interested in a business opportunity to join us.

If you are interested in either of these exciting opportunities, please contact Alan Roberts on 07885 274671 for further details.





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